The history of technology in education, how to embrase the new technology?

When surfing the net I came over this video. I thought it was a good way to se how rapid things have changes since the 1990`s. Before then it was some development now and then. Now it is all the time.  thought it was funny to see how the schools approach to learning have changes in the last 20 years. Still i feel that some schools still are in the late part of the 90´s. How should we embrase this new technologies as shown on the video into our classrooms? While I was thinking about this I found a video with activities using SMART Table. I thought this was a wonderful thing, and a good step towrds more digital learning. I wanted to share one activity on this SMART Table to show one way to use it.

As you can see, the pupils can stand around the table and everybody can see from each angle. They can work together and the words are combined with pictures creating a good learning environment. I think the kids will find this motivating sinces they get the score after each assigment. This is motivating as well as its motivating that they can us their bodies, and not just sit still at a desk.  The possibilities and activities are endless. Subjects as math, language, writing, reading and learning sosial skills, all in one table. Digital learning like this is a great way to use technology to increase learning.  I think using things like a SMART Table in the classroom can help pupils that struggles with concentrating in classes. This article reflects around a digital approach to help kids with ADHD. I think along with many others that a digital approach to education can benefit all differtent kind of pupils, and give a better starting point for each student.

Read more on how to keep up with the technology on this link below:


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